Easy Mining Bitcoins with Kryptex – Earn free Bitcoins

Easy Mining with Kryptex – the new Bitcoin Miner ist out

How does Kryptex generate Bitcoins ?

Kryptex generates crypto currency, for which you get either Bitcoins .

I will show you step by step, how you can easy mining with Kryptex. Kryptex is a free Tool that run on your PC and use your CPU and GPU to earn FREE Bitcoins.

Step 1:

Sign up  to Kryptex with this link kryptex.org

Step 2:

Then you download the Kryptex Tool from the official Homepage.

Step 3:

After you download the Tool and you sing in, it will start earn Bitcoins


You can change to a light Mode. Then you can earn Bitcoins and watch Videos or Browse in the Internet.  But in the light Mode you will earn fewer Bitcoins. Activate the light Mode in the Settings Tab in your Kryptex tool.


Antivirus says it found a virus!

Kryptex is not a virus. There are viruses that, without user demand, generate crypto currency on the computers of unsuspecting users. That’s why some antiviruses can react negatively. When Kryptex is found, they write that it’s “Not-A-Virus” – “not a virus,” but they still block the application because of an aggressive security policy.

What to do about it? AddKryptex to the exception list. The Kryptex works only when you allow it. And you get the money, not hackers.


How mutch can I earn?

Depends on the computer.

More GPU Power = more crypto currency

Not found kryptex4.exe, what should I do?

Most likely the file was moved to Quarantine “Windows Defender”.

  1. Open Windows Defender.
  2. Click on the “Journal” tab
  3. Select the item “all detected items”.

Find the entry Win64/SvcMinerfor the file kryptex4.exe(the path to the file is listed at the bottom of the window), select it, then click “Allow item”.



I have some mistakes!

  1. Install the correct drivers
  2. Install the .NET Framework 4.5 from the Microsoft website .
  3. Install Visual C ++ Redistributable x64 2010 , 2012 and 2013 .

How to increase profitability?

Leave the computer to work when you are not using it.

Do not turn off the Kryptex, but put it on pause.

Leave the computer turned on for the night – let the Kryptex generate money.

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